Make your Navratri Healthy with Cinnamon & Spanish Saffron

Make your Navratri Healthy with Cinnamon & Spanish Saffron

Navratri season is here and you must be geared up to fast during these holy days. Along with religious benefits, fasting also improves your immunity, aids in weight loss and may prevent cancer. But after all, you have to eat. So, you must have cooking plans in mind to make your fasting period special. If you are aware of benefits of Spanish saffron and Cinnamon, then you can make this Navratri healthful as well as delicious. Wish to know how? Read on!

Cinnamon comes loaded with antioxidants

Antioxidants offer protection to your body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Polyphenols is one of the powerful antioxidants and you can get it from cinnamon to strengthen your immune system while fasting. In a study conducted on the antioxidant activity of 26 spices, cinnamon came up as a clear winner, beating the likes of oregano and garlic.

Cinnamon optimizes oral hygiene

You may get bad breath while fasting due to not drinking water and eating certain foods. But, don’t worry, cinnamon is there to beat bad breath, tooth decay, cavities and mouth infections. As per a research, essential oil from cinnamon boasts potent antibacterial properties and can combat various mouth infections.

Cinnamon sweetens up food without sugar

Cinnamon offers you naturally sweet taste, if you add this spice to your food, then it can cut down the amount of sugar in the meal. As you may be aware that cinnamon possesses anti-diabetic effects that slows down absorption of sugar and may help you in curb cravings by stabilizing blood sugar. Furthermore, don’t forget the naturally sweet taste this spice offers you.

Spanish saffron is an excellent food additive

Today, use of synthetic food additives is in trend to add color to cooking. However, synthetic coloring agents could prove allergic for you, hence replace them with saffron’s amazing yellow color. Moreover, if you wish to make your meal smell wonderful during Navratri season, then don’t forget to add Spanish saffron in it, as this spice adds incredible aroma to your food.

Spanish saffron benefits pregnant women

As per experts, Spanish saffron helps pregnant women much. Females who consumed Spanish saffron during pregnancies, have attained healthy and normal delivery. However, make sure not to consume excessive amount of Spanish saffron as it may prove detrimental for pregnant women and can even cause miscarriage.

Spanish saffron treats insomnia and promotes digestion

Your Navratri fasting can be marred by lack of sleep if you have insomnia. You may not feel energetic while fasting and may have trouble sleeping at night. Daily consumption of Spanish saffron may induce sleep in you and can treat insomnia. Also, Spanish saffron is effective enough to deal with digestive disorders and improves digestion.

So, add both these spices to make your Navratri food special as well healthy. But, make sure to consult a doctor about the amount of consumption when it comes to Spanish saffron as excess of it in your diet may result in death. If you wish to order Cinnamon and Spanish Saffron now, then don’t go anywhere, visit to enjoy exciting Navratri discount on Cinnamon and Spanish Saffron .


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