Secret to Attain Great Health Revealed - Cayenne Pepper

Secret to Attain Great Health Revealed - Cayenne Pepper

The first thing that comes to your mind while talking about cayenne pepper (a variety of lal mirch) is its intense hot flavor. However, you must not consider this red coloured pepper as merely a food appearance or taste enhancer. Yes, cayenne pepper offers you plenty of health benefits too. So, next time you have spicy food in front of you, simply consume that red peppered meal keeping below advantages in mind.


Enhances Metabolism
Weight loss on your mind? Cayenne pepper can help you in achieving your aim. As per experts, this herb can boost your metabolism by increasing heat of your body and you can find it easy to burn more calories. However, you must use red pepper under your dietician’s supervision and should not depend on it solely to lose weight.


Fights Arthritis
Today, millions of people are battling with arthritis. Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can prove life-threatening if a patient doesn’t receive right treatment. But, don’t worry! Cayenne pepper can be your cure for arthritis as it contains ‘capsaicin’ which has the potential to ease joint pain. You can apply red pepper on affected area of your joints, at first it may produce a burning sensation, however pain will go away gradually.


Decreases Bad Cholesterol
Bad cholesterol (LDL) can be harmful for your heart health as it thickens arteries’ walls and puts stress on heart. To increase the levels of good cholesterol and decrease the bad one, you should consume cayenne pepper, after consulting your doctor. Moreover, having this herb dissolves fibrin (which forms the blood clots) and you can easily reduce the risk of a heart disease.


Prevents asthma & nasal congestion
According to experts, cayenne pepper can help in reducing asthma symptoms as it contains beta-carotene, which improves lungs and breathing tract functioning.

If you have nasal congestion or respiratory tract infection, then you should have red pepper regularly. Reason being this herb contains a chemical called ‘capsaicin’ which stimulates secretions. As a result, mucus passes easily out of your lungs as well as nose and reduces the chances of sinus infection.


Improves immunity
If your immune system is weak, then even a mild fever or headache can trouble you big time. Cayenne pepper can be your immunity booster as it is rich in Vitamin A (beta carotene). This herb can also stop pathogens from entering your body and you can lead a healthy life.


Caution: Excessive Cayenne Pepper Consumption can have side-effects
As the saying goes, “Too much of anything can be harmful.” Excessive consumption of cayenne pepper can prove harmful for you as consuming more than recommended amount can cause gastrointestinal disorders such as burning sensation or irritation in stomach. You can also experience some respiratory problems or can have irritation in eyes and skin. Limiting the use of red pepper is the best option if you have such side-effects after this herb’s consumption.

Also, you must reduce the usage of cayenne during summer as it increases your body heat and can be problematic for your health. This way you will be able to get the best out of cayenne pepper keeping harmful effects away to attain incredible health.


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