How Not To Over-Do With Herbs And Spices?

How Not To Over-Do With Herbs And Spices?

Healthy food is boring; this is a common misconception we all have. They may not taste that good but if added proper herbs and spices to it, the flavours then comes into play. When we force ourselves to eat the same food over and over again, it can deplete our will power bar &then we crave for good food and more flavours. 

Here are small hacks which can spice up your meals. So wake up your taste buds now- 

  • Avoid overwhelming a dish with too many seasonings i.e. never use two very strong herbs together. Instead, season with one strong flavour, and one milder flavour to complement the food.
  • When cooking, add dry herbs early in the process as the flavours get more enhanced, and while adding fresh herbs add them after the food is prepared. They can put this hack in use while preparing a salad.
  • If someone is planning to double the recipe do not double the content of herbs and spices. Use just 50% more.
  • Dry herbs and spices carry more flavour than the fresh ones.
  • Dried herbs and spices should be kept in a cool, dry, and dark place. Storing right next to the stove, although convenient for cooking, is not the best location, because heat, air, and bright light destroy flavours.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring now. Armed with these basic concepts and combinations you can defeat your cravings and actually relish the meal in front of you. Buy herbs, spices and other seasonings from the Foodmax store by just one click at


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