4 Must Have Herbs And Spices For Your Kitchen Shelves!

4 Must Have Herbs And Spices For Your Kitchen Shelves!

When it comes to herbs and spices one can really say good things do come in small packages. The aromatic additives have been used by people for centuries now, not only for cooking but also for other home remedies and curing many illnesses as well. So the next time you swivel your spice rack to find the perfect seasoning to be sprinkled on a meal, remember that the contents of each tiny jar have a rightful place in the history –and at your kitchen shelves too.

For anyone who is still confused between Herbs and Spices here, is a little trifle; A herb is a green leafy part of the plant whereas spices are procured from the non-leafy part of the plant.

Here are some must-have herbs right from our store.

  • OREGANO: It’s a herb that’s native to Europe, gained popularity with pizza after World War 2 and it plays an important role in Mediterranean cuisine. Due to its strong smell and flavour it is advised to add oregano with some bold flavours, or it could end up dominating the dish
  • BASIL: It’s an important ingredient for Italian dishes which rely on tomato sauces. Many chefs use it with tomato dishes as both the flavours complement each other. One can use Basil with pairing it with meats, fish and salads.
  • GARLIC:  Though Garlic is a vegetable, but is mostly used as seasoning. Garlic’s strong odour and taste makes a powerful source of seasoning to any dish and can take any form in the kitchen. One can use it as a dip or convert it to garlic powder to put it in use.
  • PAPRIKA: It is a powder made from ground red pepper pods. This comes in both sweet and hot varieties. It has bright red colour and smooth texture which makes it a good garnish option. 

These are some of the herbs and spices that are vital for a kitchen. You can find all the above herbs and spices at food max online store. Team Foodmax brings you herbs and spices from finest sources & give an aromatic touch to various dishes. Our prime motive is to give the freedom of having world class spices at your kitchen shelf.

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